PACEY Award Winners

The winning projects over the first five years of the PACEY Award are:


Educational Youth Initiative on Climate Change and Nuclear Testing, a project of Moruroa e Tātou to educate and engage youth in these issues through a series of workshops on various islands of Māòhi Nui (French Polynesia);

Bridge Builders: Empowering Youth for Peace in Afghanistan, a project of the Afghanistan Women’s Think Tank to rekindle the peace-building spirit and activate youth participation in peacebuilding;

Empowering Youth for Climate Action and Peace, a project of Effective Thesis to help students choose a thesis topic that could make positive impact for the world in the areas of climate change and peace, and to provide thesis coaching once the thesis topic has been chosen.


Peace in our Schools (Georgia), a project to work with young Ukrainian refugees and Russian immigrants, who have fled the Russia-Ukraine war.

Adopt a tree, not a weapon (Democratic Republic of Congo), a project to address the climate crisis and activism of local and foreign armed groups using children as soldiers to commit violence and destroy the biodiversity.  

Storytelling as a Catalyst of Action for Peace, Love, and Climate Justice in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), a project led by the MENA Youth Network which will harness the power of storytelling to advance and highlight urgent needs, and empower and unite youth towards establishing peace, love, and climate justice in the region.


Faith for Earth Bosna i Hercegovina, a youth-led program building cooperation between Catholic and Muslim youth on environmental action;

Keep it in the Ground for Peace, a youth-led campaign to stop fossil fuel extraction in Africa.


Platform for Peace and Humanity, a project to advance the legal and human right to peace through a Global Coalition of Youth Ambassadors;

World’s Youth for Climate Justice project to take the issue of climate change to the International Court of Justice (World Court).


Green Building Municipality project, a multi-ethnic youth gardening initiative from a conflict region in the town of Mitrovica, Kosovo.